We work on other brands

We at Bagnall SAAB work on more than just SAAB motor vehicles.

We have always worked on other brands of cars, this is mainly due to the fact that our SAAB customers ask us if we can diagnose issues with our computer diagnostic tools or service other car brands for family members or friends.

Like our customers SAAB cars, we are able to use computer diagnostic tools to read, fix and reset errors caused by sensors, cables or your engine management system. We service other brands of vehicles with the highest quality manufacturer recommended specifications of oils, filters, fluids, discs, pads and other parts needed to get your vehicle running as smoothly as possible. If you bring your car to ourselves to get it serviced, please remember to bring your service book as we always stamp your book after we complete your full or interim services.

If you are interested in finding out our prices for servicing your none SAAB vehicle, then please call or email us for an instant quote.

Thank you